Third Wheel

“I was having a tough time with relationships; women, couples, and friends. I struggled with time-sharing they with me and I with them. I didn’t understand why we just couldn’t connect I was frustrated, confused and hurt. Being a single guy isn’t easy forming friendships and relationships is difficult for me. I felt like the third wheel with my married friends, a foreigner around women (I don’t know what they want) and out of touch with my friends. I felt I didn’t belong anywhere I needed someone to talk to! I reached out to Nora I told her what was going on and how I was feeling about it. Over the next several weeks Nora helped me understand some very important points about myself and relationships, things I overlooked due to my misunderstanding and misplaced expectations. In short, it wasn’t that I didn’t know that each relationship is unique it was how she was able to “break it down” into bite-sized information in such a way that I was able to work through some difficult truths about myself. The targeted personalized planning sessions made all the difference. The toughest step for me was asking for help and I’m glad I did.”  ~Jonathan F.