Getting the help you need is affordable
Refined Lyf LLC is always striving to make services accessible to everyone, and keeping costs down to pass on the savings to you without compromising on quality, dependability, and service.  

Self Pay 
$0   free 30-minute session
$79 first session

$30 per 50-minute session
$40 per 90-minute session

$25 letters, forms, and other paperwork 
$25.00 no advance (48 hours) cancellation notice 
$0.50 per mile outside the following zip codes: 32701, 32708, 32718, 32719, 32730, 32750, 32765 and 32752 (includes office, hospitals, nursing home visits)
Fees are subject to change 

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Services offered can complement additional professional services but does not replace counseling, therapy, legal or medical advice. 

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